Mewael Ahmedin
Denver, Colorado
Work Email:


Career Objective
I plan to finish high school and go onto college. While I am in college I plan to major in
either Film making or go into medicine.
• Denver School of the Arts
Major: Video Cinema Arts
GPA: Weighted:4.221 Un-weighted: 3.584

Volunteer Work

  • Goodwill Service Learning Project


• Directing
• Editing
• Camera Operating
• Sound Management
Work Experience:
In my Freshman year, I also made a documentary named “Count on Me”, which was made to show the type of hardships most teachers have to go through, and why they go through them. Later that year I had made a Machinima with Henry Jarvis. This movie was about a army solider that was believed to have work against the US army.
Now in my Sophomore year, I have helped make a movie titled “Crossing Over”.and am now in production for making a Noir short named “Cretin”.

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